We believe everybody wants the best possible quality of vision so we use trusted branded lenses which gives consistent, fantastic quality in terms of vision and the appearance of the finished glasses.

Single vision.  Normally for people needing glasses under the age of 45. We offer a full range of hi index material (thinner lenses) for single vision, varifocal and bifocals to enhance the appearance, weight and comfort of the glasses.

Varifocals. We are able to supply varifocals which feel natural to use and don’t give that “swimmy” feeling which is possible with some lenses.  Modern varifocals produce very little distortion and stable wide vision which means they are very easy and quick to get used to.

Bifocals. A more traditional lens – a preference for some.  Effectively two different lenses in one to meet the needs for two different working distances.

Computer glasses. They are designed for people who spend a lot of time on screens whether at home or at work.  These lenses make the most of your vision at the right distance for screen work in order to reduce eye strain which can be caused by long screen use.

Some people prefer single vision lenses for this purpose but occupational lenses are available which also allow close vision and some mid distance vision as well. These lenses are more versatile as you can see around the office as well as on the screen.

Transitions lenses. Which darken in sun light are also an option.  They provide comfortable condition in various lighting conditions and protect your eyes from harmful uv light.




NHS and PRIVATE EYE EXAMINATIONS for children, adults and seniors.

Your eyes are precious – let us look after them.  

We are an independent opticians which means we are unique – it doesn’t mean high prices and only available to a few. We can and do give you time and individual attention. We offer that professional personal touch, unhurried, comprehensive consultations whether you have problems with your vision or simply want to check that everything is alright.