At Donnelly Opticians we carry out both NHS and private eye examinations and perform a thorough range of tests and screening to check your individual vision and eye health.

History and symptoms: A time when you can voice your concerns, if any, about your eyes, vision, glasses, general health and medication as many eye conditions are health related.  We also will talk about your work and leisure activities to work out what’s best for you.

Eyewear assessment:  We test your present glasses or contacts to see how well they’re working for you and if they’re still suitable especially with the demands of the new digital age.

Refraction: This is where we use optical lenses to find out if you need eyesight correction.  We will check your near vision, that’s for reading – intermediate vision, for the computer – and distance vision for driving and television for example.

Oculomotor balance:    These tests are to check your eye are both working together correctly, that they’re co-ordinated.  This is to make sure you have comfortable vision without strain.

Pupil reflexes:  This is to check that your eyes react normally to light and darkness.

Intraocular pressure:  An essential part of the examination for adults.  If the pressure in the eye is too high it could be an indication that you have glaucoma, a blinding eye condition which if detected early can be treated successfully.

Visual field:  It is important that you have all-round vision not just central vision and this is assessed with an electronic visual field screener.  Unusual visual fields can indicate general health concerns.

Ophthalmoscopy:  A vital evaluation of your eye health.  This part of your eye examination can detect diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration and high blood pressure, amongst other things.  Also the surface of your eyes and eye lids are examined for signs of dry eye or any abnormalities.

Retinal photography:  A photograph can be taken of the back of your eyes, the retina, to further investigate their condition and for monitoring any changes that may occur.

Examination results:  Feel confident that every clinical measure that needs to be taken will be taken and you will not be hurried out of the test room.  Here, you have as much time as you need to discuss the results and implications of your tests.  If a referral is needed, to an ophthalmologist for further investigation, this will be discussed and detailed so that you’ll be in no doubt about what happens next. No query is too small.  It’s is our ethos to reassure, inform and empower so that you can make choices about the future of your eye health and care.

If it is found you need glasses we’ll discuss which type of lens is needed to correct your vision and suit your lifestyle and budget.




NHS and PRIVATE EYE EXAMINATIONS for children, adults and seniors.

Your eyes are precious – let us look after them.  

We are an independent opticians which means we are unique – it doesn’t mean high prices and only available to a few. We can and do give you time and individual attention. We offer that professional personal touch, unhurried, comprehensive consultations whether you have problems with your vision or simply want to check that everything is alright.